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Dutch Hawaiian

$280.00 $270.00

Dutch Hawaiian


1 ounce (30 grams)     for $270

1/8 pound(56 grams)   for $400

1/4 pound(112 grams) for $700

1/2 pound(224 grams) for $1000

1 pound(448 grams)    for $1900

Strain Information

Sativa Dominant Hybrid - 70% Sativa / 30% Indica THC: 17% - 23%

Dutch Hawaiian marijuana strain is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica respectively) strain cultivated through a cross of the classic Hawaiian X Dutch Treat weed strains. This celebrity weed strain is best known for its crazy delicious flavor and uplifting sativa effects that don’t cause paranoia or anxiety. Dutch Hawaiian weed strain has a flavor much like those of its parents, with a flavor of tropical fruit accented by earthy pine and a slight pungency upon exhale to make people feel great. This strain makes people to feel focus and motivated with a sense of creative energy and a relaxing body.Dutch Hawaiian marijuana strain is perfect for the treatment of lack of appetite and chronic pain. 


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