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Amnesia Haze Marijuana Grade A+ (Sativa)

$300.00 $290.00

Amnesia Haze Marijuana Grade A+ (Sativa)   


1 ounce (30 grams)     for $270

1/8 pound(56 grams)   for $400

1/4 pound(112 grams) for $700

1/2 pound(224 grams) for $1000

1 pound(448 grams)    for $1900

Strain Highlights

This sativa-dominant hybrid is usually a descendant of the Jamaican sativa, a Laotian sativa, as well as the indica-dominant Afghani Hawaiian. The ratio of sativa to indica is about 80:20, that means this is a wonderful strain for daytime use and clearheaded contemplating. THC may be very potent, topping 22% in a few assessments, but CBD is way reduce, a little less than 1%. Quite simply, this is not a very good choice for epilepsy and other situations that happen to be addressed with CBD. However it's a terrific option for relieving anxiety and depression, fatigue, ADHD signs, migraine head aches, temper swings, and Bodily suffering. The superior is Resourceful and euphoric, with a psychoactive mood boost along with a case from the giggles. Amnesia Haze features a refreshing, fruity hash-like style as well as a sweet, earthy scent with hints of spicy pepper. Nugs are mild eco-friendly with darker brown strands along with a blanket of trichomes. This strain can induce cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes, while paranoia and dizziness may also be noted. It is most likely easier to find this Intercontinental pressure in areas of Europe than in the United States, but dispensaries in Colorado, California, Washington State, Oregon, and Michigan provide it. Amnesia Haze is likewise preferred in British Columbia.


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